Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm crush..

I completely finished read this book a few days ago. Lasykar Pelangi is a remarkable book. I don't know how to express my love to this story. It rejuvenate my positive energy, giving back my spirit and cultivate braveness in me. I impress with Lintang, , Ikal(the writer himself) and Arai(another character in Andrea Hirata' second book after Lasykar Pelangi). They have such strong willing heart. They chased after their dreams regardless the hardship that they have to face.

Laskar Pelangi...

The member of this team..
I just want to say that they have such a wonderful childhood memories. Not everyone could have this chance. In the middle of poverty, they build their friendship. Below the tree of "cemara angin", they gathered...
How such nice experience.....

Actually, I've been looking this book for not more than a year and I'm still not watch the movie.

There are few lessons from this book:

1. Knowledge should be valued
2. Chased after your dream, ignore all obstacles
3. Yeah, it is true that we have to be realistic, but sometimes we got to be a dreamer, for a particular thing so that we can change word 'impossible' to 'possible'.

I've been pondering about this matter, Do Lintang an indigo kid?..emm what a 'mushkilah'.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miss u a lot..

I don't know why, lately i feel stranded. Going very far from my beloved. my dear friends , if u read this blog please keep in touch with me. i miss u a lot. i've made several call with some of my friend, but the result is "please try later, thank you". maybe i'm quite pessimistic, and i realise that i should think like this, "O, maybe they have lot of works to do". But i can't bear of feeling this missing. How i wish that we have another chance to be together like we did in the past...