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Exciting Moment : First Class!

Tuesday,15th July 2014
Mardi Le 15 Juillet 2014

Frankly, I never have a serious thought of learning French language. But somehow, I am glad that Allah has given me this opportunity to learn. It is so fun to learn without me to think how am I going to prepare for examination.

And this class only cost me RM 20 per semester. Surprise? Haha. It is organized by SLEU. SLEU stands for " Student Learning Enhancement Unit", one of the units under IIUM.

I know that I should have taken this class when I was in the first year or second year of my study. But still, learning is for life.

Our class consist of eight students, tutored by Sir Abdoul Hamid. He is from West Africa. French is not actually their mother tongue (definitely), but the second language as it was the French who colonised their country not a long time ago.

Our first lesson was knowing the French Phonetic. The sounds of each of the alphabets, including the vowels. French is not like other languages. Some of the alphabets are sound not according to the real sound. For example, if in Malay language, the combination of 'o' and 'i' would produce the sound of 'oi'. In French, it is not goes the same. Those two combination of 'o' and 'i' produce the sound of 'uwa'. For example, Boit, is spelled as Bu-a. It means woods.

Whatever it is, I love leisure learning session like this. Next class, we will be given French learning book. Can't wait!

messy notes

need a lot of practises

Au revoir! (bye bye)


Towards Better Pronounciation : Second Class 

Thursday, 17th July 2014
Jeudi Le 17 Juillet 2014


Today, we learned about French accent. It's like, in English, for example the word 'make-up', people don't usually say 'make' and then 'up'. To make life easier, we say it in one round, 'make-up'.

There are three types of French accent :

1. L'accent Aigu
2. L'accent Grave
3. L'accent Circonflexe

( Believe me that you won't be able to spell it right in French until you attended classes.)

Anyway, to speak better French language, I need a lot of practices. Or else it won't be so French because French people might not be able to understand me because I'm not spell it right. Haha.

One question to ponder, why bother studying French language? Am I will be able to go living in French?

I would answer to myself :

Dear me, don't worry that much. I'm not going to live in French anyway. At least, later, some time I will be able to read France. I will be able to read France materials. I will. Searching for my people's history that secretly treasured in Europe.

So, that's it for today's diary. Merci.

I will update my progress after every lessons.

Dès que possible.


Getting Tough : Third Class

Tuesday, 22th July 2014
Mardi Le 22 Juillet 2014

Assalamualaikum! Happy Ramadhan Mubarak!

And Bonjour

Our lesson regarding the French pronounciation continued. For your information, French has more than 20 grammatical rules. More than the English.

Now, I began to feel the 'heat' of studying this language. It's not easy, but I will try my best to master the language. If it is necessary, I would love to continue French language lesson after this short semester.

Besides the pronounciation, we also learnt about the grammatical rules a bit.

Whatever it is, I need to memorize and master the French pronounciation.

Dear me, difficult part often be the most important part. Do not worry, be happy, be sincere and keep struggling!

my learning material

Afiqah, où vas tu?


Additional Reference Book

Friday, 31st July 2014
Mardi Le 31 Juillet 2014


So we have no class this week. It's mid-break for a week. Not just for a mere holiday but also for the Eid-ul Fitri celebration. 

Yesterday, I managed to buy a book to assist my France progress. Check it out!

It was compiled according to the type of conversation. Whether you are in a hotel or in restaurant or even to express feelings.

This upcoming weeks, we might have replacement class. 

France, please be easy on me! (LOL) 

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